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SCAN-250 DMX Scanner Disco Light Effect

SCAN-250 DMX Scanner Disco Light Effect

SCAN-250 DMX Scanner Disco Light Effect (Code: 38.1880) £382.80 inc vat £319.00 ex vat
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SCAN-250 DMX Scanner Disco Light Effect

The SCAN-250 DMX Scanner Disco Light Effect features a various adjustable controls such as a manual focus adjustments. The control panel features a LED display for ease of use.


  • 6 DMX control functions: (channel 1: shutter, channel 2: gobo, channel 3: gobo rotation, channel 4: colour, channel 5: pan, channel 6: tilt)
  • Music-controlled via integrated microphone
  • Master/slave mode with automatic run of programmes
  • Controllable via remote control LC-3 or FSC-3, available at option
  • Horizontal resolution and vertical resolution: 255 steps each
  • Mirror is controlled via step motor, pan: 180°, tilt: 70°
  • Colour wheel with 9 diachronic colours plus white, 9 half colours, rotating colour wheel (rainbow effect), variable adjustment of rotation speed
  • Gobo wheel with 7 rotating gobos (replaceable), rotation speed of gobos or gobo wheel can be adjusted as desired
  • Shutter and strobe effects with variable speed (1-12 flashes/sec.)
  • Manual focus adjustment
  • Control panel with LED display for addressing and preadjustments
  • Operating hour meter
  • Matching discharge lamp (1 x 250W/GY9.5) is available as an accessory and is not supplied with the unit, please order matching discharge lamp (HBA-250/2SE) together with this unit
  • Power supply: 230V˜/50Hz/500VA
  • Dimensions: 31x18x57cm
  • Weight: 13.5kg

(Pictured Lighting effects with several units.)