Cloud CDR1-F Remote Source Selector For DCM-1

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Cloud CDR1-F Remote Source Selector For DCM-1
£159.00 inc vat
£132.50 ex vat
Cloud CDR1-F Remote Source Selector For DCM-1 Product code: LE.CDR1F In stock
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Cloud CDR1-F Remote Source Selector For DCM-1

The Cloud CDR1-F Remote Source Selector are the remote control panels for use with the Cloud DCM-1 Digitally Controlled Mixer. They are fitted with the same alphanumeric display as the DCM-1, menu navigation being by five push buttons. When installed in one of the DCM-1's zones, it provides the user and installer with more convenient and practical control of systemoperation than from the DCM-1's front panel.

A zone may have one CDR1 (or CDR1F), more than one, or none at all. Functions include selection of audio source and control of audio level; additionally, any enabled zone groups of which the zone is a member may be activated locally.


  • Enables remote control of Cloud's DCM-1 Digitally Controlled Mixer
  • Simple to install - connects to DCM-1 and other CDR1/1F's using standard CAT-5 cable
  • Can be interconnected using a wide choice of wiring topologies
  • Choice of two mounting styles to suit installation
  • Backlit 2-row x 16 character dot matrix alphanumeric display
  • User accessible functions: Source selection Level control Group enable/disable
  • Engineer mode functions (password enabled): Local zone EQ adjustment
  • Installer mode (Enabled by internal jumper): Zone assignment Password setting Display adjustment Inactivity time (time for which display backlight remains lit after a button is pressed)