Smoke machines & Fog machines are the perfect addition to any Disco, Halloween party, Nightclub or House Party. Great paired up with a Laser for the ultimate in lighting effects. Choose from our Professional Martin Magnum and Chauvet Branded smoke machines or our Entry Level QTFX and FXLAB Manufacturers. Opt for a Haze or Fogger machine which produce a thin layer of smoke, good for use with Lasers, or our Smoke Machines which produce a dense thick smoke, great for Halloween Parties and Drama Productions. A little Smoke Fluid goes a long way so is cost effective too. To compliment our smoke and fog machines, we stock a large range of smoke machine fluid including fog effect, scents, smells and blast effect fluid!

If you are planning a Halloween event or party, a fog or smoke machine is essential to deliver that realistic scary horror effect where ghosts, witches and zombies will fit in well! For school plays, drama productions and music events, we have a huge range of Haze, Fog and Smoke Machines for Sale at Cybermarket. Our smoke and fogger machines are available with wireless remote controls, controls with interval timers and DMX controlled units.

Need extra help? Call our out team and we'll be happy to advise the most suitable product for your Halloween party, disco event, music concert or nightclub!

If you wish to replicate real smoke or fog, then search no more. We have some unique and trustworthy models in the smoke machines range. You can use them in a variety of events including childrens parties and Halloween parties, if you want to add some real drama. We have smoke machines that come in all sizes. Smoke machines are no longer used only on filming locations, concerts and balls, but whenever you want to create a scary, foggy and thrilling atmosphere.