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Welcome to Cybermarket, the electronics store that provides a tailored shopping experience. We stock over 6,000 electronic products catering for all your electrical needs. Whether you require outdoor speakers, garden speakers, in-ceiling speakers, complete PA systems, wireless microphones, par cans, mirror balls, disco lights, snow and smoke machines for Halloween, wire & cable, connectors and more - we have it for you to buy today!

Outdoor Speakers & Weatherproof Garden Speakers

With summer here, listening to music on the patio, in the garden, around the pool, while having a BBQ, sitting on the patio or at a school event, fundraising event or anywhere outside is just essential! We stock a massive range of outdoor speakers and garden speakers that are weather-proof and resistant to water - wall hung speakers, speaker stands, portable speakers and ones that can sit permanently in your garden disguised as rocks!

Ceiling Speakers

In-ceiling speakers give a fashionable look to your home. Our ceiling speakers can be installed on the wall or on the ceiling. You don’t have to worry about sound quality when you buy our in-ceiling speakers or in-wall speakers because they provide the same impeccable quality as floor speakers. There are several renowned brands of ceiling speakers, which you can choose from including POLK, YAMAHA, KEF, ATON and MONITOR AUDIO and different designs and models that will interest you. Perhaps your are after discreet water resistant ceiling speakers for the toilet, bathroom, kitchen or sauna ceiling. If you want a complex surround sound system, we have some very good options available to you.

Portable Pa Systems

If you are planning a huge event, then you must try out our range of Portable PA Systems. Portable PA systems are the perfect choice for schools, concerts, sports matches, outdoor events and so on. When buying portable pa systems, you have to be aware of the features that you need. We have quite a huge collection of new models that you can use for any occasion. Apart from that, we also have some interesting and dependable models of wireless portable pa systems.

Mirror Balls

Make sure your party or disco has one of our professional mirror balls to provide the lighting experience that makes a difference. We supply various different sizes and quality of mirror balls as well as motors, par can lighting spotlights, and fixings.

Complete Pa Systems

These are bit different from the portable varieties, because everything you want in a pa system is available in complete pa package. You cannot afford to pass up our entire range of complete pa systems because you will not get such an offer elsewhere. We have everything from the basics to the most modern and complete pa systems.

Smoke Machines / Fog Machines

A smoke machine for Halloween parties is a must! If you wish to replicate real smoke or fog, then search no more. We have some unique and trustworthy models in the smoke machines range. You can use them in a variety of events including childrens parties and Halloween parties, if you want to add some real drama. We have smoke machines that come in all sizes. Smoke machines are no longer used only on filming locations, concerts and balls, but whenever you want to create a scary, foggy and thrilling atmosphere.

Snow Machines

People who are interested in smoke machines will undoubtedly be interested in snow machines too. You have innovative uses for snow machines when you really think about it. Introduce snow machines into the kids play area and they are going to love it. You can adjust the settings of a snow machine so that it produces a slight, medium or heavy snowfall. What a perfect piece of equipment for a winter wonderland party, a wedding or birthday - or even to make you truly have a white christmas!

Our friendly and skilled technicians can be reached on 01371 879 000 Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm offering advice on the best products to suit you. Can’t see what you want online? Give us a call and our team will do their best to find it for you. Our telephone helpline, (normally answered within 30 seconds), ensures you get exactly what you want without having to leave your house or office to find it.

Shopping over the weekend? Email us with any queries and we will respond first thing Monday morning with the information you've requested. We offer a next day delivery service and aim to dispatch all orders within 48 hours.

Customer Service is our priority here at Cybermarket and we aim to match our variety of products to individual requirements. We look forward to hearing from you and fulfilling your shopping needs.

If you are looking for some trendy electronic products, we have a mixed range of them catering to the wide spectrum of needs and requirements that our customers have. Now, shopping for electronic goods has been made easier because the power of the Internet has made everything possible. More and more people have started buying electronic goods on the Internet because it saves them a lot of time and money. It is comfortable to shop on the Internet, you don’t have to go out to malls and get pushed and prodded by other eager shoppers. You will find a different range of products on our website. We are famous for our in-ceiling speakers, portable pa systems, smoke machines, snow machines, complete pa systems, wireless microphones, outdoor speakers, garden speakers, portable PA systems and par cans and stage lighting. We have some interesting and exclusive offers on these models.