If you’re the owner of an up-and-coming dance venue or simply want to start organising your own parties on a regular basis, our disco lights are a must-have. Disco lighting has evolved throughout the past few decades to become sophisticated and intelligent enough to set the scene for any occasion. A basic requirement for clubs and dance halls up and down the country, you simply can’t host an event without a suitable set of party lights. Don’t host your night until you’ve checked out our extensive range of disco lights, LED scanners and disco balls!

Disco Lighting

Simple Lighting appreciates that when it comes to disco lighting, our customers want to find equipment that’s going to suit their exact requirements but still be able to stand the test of time and come in handy further down the line. Disco lights and disco balls are an important investment for anyone working in the DJ sector of the entertainment industry, yet you may be surprised to find that the majority of the disco lights on offer are extremely affordable.

Disco Balls

Of all of the disco lighting on offer from Cybermarket, our disco balls are the most popular choice for smaller venues. Traditional disco balls add a classic sense of fun to any party, but the style and functionality of disco balls has developed in leaps and bounds since they first started to become widely used at the beginning of the 20th century. Simple Lighting offers both free standing and fixed disco balls, many of which are suitable for both professional and amateur party planners!

Party Lights

Contemporary party lights are extremely versatile and can be programmed easily and quickly to create different effects and illusions. Opt for spot lights for a direct beam or speckle your dance floor with a beautiful, random ‘wild flower’ effect.

Many of our party lights are sound to light controlled or sound activated, adding a personalised touch to your disco lighting arrangements. Remember, you can also offset your bright party lights with a mirror ball or choose a variety of different lamps, colours and strengths for the best experience!

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