Wireless Microphones are an excellent way to put your voice across, think 'no more wires' and the freedom of speech and movement and you will be sold on these Wireless Microphones. From X Factor Wannabes to Presentations and Public events, all you need is an amplifier to plug in the receiver and away you go. Choose from our Hand-Held, Tie Clip and Headset wireless microphone options, with options of licensed for more frequencies and license free, and all 2012 compatible, you will be spoilt for choice with brands such as Gemini, Monacor and QTX. Get Wireless Microphones and reap the benefits.

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We stock a vast range of wireless microphone systems from single channel, dual channel, quad channel and multi-channel. You can buy hand held microphones, wireless headsets and wireless clip microphones. For expert advice on which microphone system is right for you and your application, contact our technical team today on the number below.