If you need to run a large amount of speakers from one amplifier then Stop and Shop right here. 100V Line Systems use a higher voltage to transmit audio signals over greater distances. An advantage of this system is that all speakers can be connected in Parallel making installation very simple. By using a transformer at the speaker this steps down the signal to low impedance for the speaker to function properly. These transformers have different steps or 'tappings' which means you can vary the power or 'Watts'. The reason for doing this is so you can control the amount of power over the 100v circuit so as not to overload the amplifier.

So, when buying a 100v PA Amplifier you have to do a very simple calculation. EG. If you have a 120W Amplifier you should not load it with more than 108W of speaker power. The general rule is to run the amplifier only at 90% of its full capacity. Lets say you speakers have tappings of 30/20/10 or 5 watts. At 30W you could attach a maximum of 3 Speakers. At 20W 5 Speakers. At 10W 10 Speakers and at 5W 21 Speakers.

Almost all of these amplifiers also have the option of Low Impedance outputs i.e. 4 to 8 Ohms so you can attach small amounts of these speakers on short cable runs also.

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