An absolute disco essential, strobe lights add a distinctive effect to your existing lighting setup. Strobe lighting creates intensely bright beams, the frequency of which can be controlled at the flick of a switch (or, in some cases, remotely). These adjustable speeds can help you create a variety of atmospheres depending on the occasion and give the illusion of time ‘slowing down’ for anyone in the room or hall – a popular sensation for guests of all ages! Combine with smoke machines, disco balls and an array of different lighting options and colours for the best effects. We stock a large range of strobe lighting equipment from mini strobes, LED strobes and coloured strobe lights.

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Strobe Lights

The strobe light was actually invented by a scientist way back in 1931 and has since been used within a number of different industries. A larger strobe light can also be used to produce a constant, powerful beam of light, which has many other applications outside of the entertainment sector. You don’t have to be a high-profile DJ or party organiser to get hold of a quality strobe light, though – the team at Simple Lighting has worked hard to bring our customers some of the best priced strobe lights around, with our mini strobe lighting options starting from only £4.99 (including VAT).

Strobe Lighting

Strobe lighting is also used for theatre productions as well as parties and raves. Today’s strobe lights allow the user to be as creative as possible and we encourage all of our customers to use their strobe light to its maximum potential! Each strobe light has been manufactured with strong plastic exteriors to protect the delicate internal parts and is designed for heavy usage and transportation – ideal for travelling entertainers or stage productions. Our stroboscopes are also easy to adjust and multi-coloured lenses can be added to many of our lights for an extra special visual effect.